70 MW wind power park of new generation will rise in western Lithuania

The construction of the modern wind power park has been recently launched in Telšiai district. The total of 13 wind turbines of a new generation with a total capacity of up to 70 MW will be constructed in the territory. The wind park is owned by renewable energy group UAB “E energija” and developed by its group company UAB “L-VĖJAS”. The Natural Power Consultants Limited (Scotland) together with project management specialists Baltic Engineers (Lithuania) have been chosen for the construction management services during the construction phase.

“We have already supervised and managed the construction of four wind parks, but this one stands out both in its complexity and size. For example, rotating cafe of the Vilnius TV tower is located at height of 165 meters – the total height of the future wind energy plants is about 220 meters. Such a size is both a technological and a logistical challenge”, says Darius Kvedaras, CEO of UAB “BE Constructive” and “Baltic Engineers”.

13 units of new generation 5 MW Cypress turbines, produced by General Electric (GE), will be built in this wind park. It is one of the most advanced and powerful on-shore wind turbines in the market with a rotor diameter of 158 meters.

Baltic Engineers group will manage the project in cooperation with the Scottish company Natural Power, which has 25 years of experience in the field of renewable energy. Lithuanian specialists will take care of project coordination on site and technical supervision of works. This will be the first construction management project in the Baltics for the Natural Power.

Ralph Spernagel, Construction Director at Natural Power noted, “Natural Power celebrates the development of this important wind power project and is excited to be working in cooperation with Baltic Engineers.  Our vision to see a world powered by renewable energy aligns fully with the project, which will deliver reliable green electricity to Lithuanian consumers.  Our experience in delivering construction management services to over 225 wind parks has enabled us to support the development of the industry pioneered by such companies as E energija, the investors and developers of renewable energy projects and GE Renewable Energy, which is one of the world’s leading wind turbine suppliers.  The use of the most advanced GE wind turbine technology ensures that the wind park will make the most efficient use of the wind power in Telšiai district and positively contribute towards the goal of net zero.” 

Countries of the European Union have committed to reduce their net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, thus moving towards to climate-neutral economy. This ambitious target for electricity generation will only be achieved through a 100% transition to renewable energy sources. Wind energy experts estimate that, in the future, Europe should generate about half of its electricity needs thanks to modern wind energy plants.

About „Baltic Engineers“ group

 „Baltic Engineers” group of companies is a team of professional engineers with many years of local and international experience, providing territory planning, design, project management and engineering consulting services. Having implemented more than 300 projects in various engineering fields, the group has earned the name of a reliable and professional partner. Specialists of the group work using 3D spatial modelling programs BIM (Building Information Modelling), perform Environmental Impact Assessment according to BREEAM and have implemented the ISO quality management standard.

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