A new expert joined the team

Asta Trapulionienė, an expert in international marketing and the creation and development of brands and services, joined the team of experts of the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (CCIC).

International trade expert

A. Trapulionienė is the head of the international strategic marketing agency DigiAstrum. She is an expert in the creation, development and launch of brands / services in foreign markets. Expert has 23 years of international marketing experience in the areas of successful strategic marketing solutions, brand development and renewal. Her expertise apply to expansion of market share, launch in foreign markets, business efficiency and profitability. An expert led international marketing teams, was responsible for regional marketing and development in 45 countries around the world. A.Trapulionienė ir an expert in brand renewal and brand development, she developed 5 brand updates – 2 global and 3 international. With her leadership, sales have grown up to 50%, and market share has grown as well. She actively develops channels for international trade and distribution and uses her experience for successful global expansion.

A. Trapulionienė is the only certified trainer in the Baltics of John Grinder, one of the founders of NLP. She conducted trainings for over 500 international participants. She is certified organization coach. Among the Her company’s clients are such enterprises as XS Toys, Kaunas Cranes, Orthopedic Equipment, RNDV Group, Versmė, Audimas, Indeform, Denticija, Bunasta, Lecler, Smartivus. 

Search for partners abroad

Asta Trapulionienė’s areas of expertise at the Chamber are consulting on international / local marketing project management issues, development and management of strategic marketing / sales plans to increase awareness and profitability, brand / service creation, development, international introduction, international development strategies to foreign countries, creation and management of countries’ marketing budgets, development and implementation of an online, social marketing strategy. She conducts strategic sessions for top-level and department heads as well as coaching sessions for business development. She is a management mentor and trainer who can help with a partners’ search abroad (Europe, Russia, Baltic countries, EMEA).

“The Chamber’s business and scientific community is not just an organization representing the interests of individual business entities. The community of the Chamber, which has been counting for almost a century and unites companies of different sizes, educational institutions and experts, has reached the level of maturity where it can share its knowledge and expert advice with young business, helping it to grow”, notes dr. Almantas Danilevičius, the managing director of Vilnius CCIC. 

The Chamber is consistently expanding its team of experts to provide free advice to members of the community on marketing, law, business management, taxation, IT security, risk insurance and more. The Chamber has attracted well-known Lithuanian experts, who will be happy to share their experience both with young companies and with other companies that need professional advice.

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