Towards a circular economy

The Government has approved the amendments to the Law on the Management of Packaging and Packaging Waste and Law on Packaging Waste Management. Amendments are proposed by the Ministry of Environment and will be submitted to the Seimas.

More of secondary materials

The changes would facilitate the transition to a circular economy by ensuring that waste is minimized and turned into resources. In 2030, no more than 5% of municipal waste generated in Lithuania should be disposed of in landfills.  24.73% of all municipal waste were disposed of there in 2019.

According to the Minister of the Environment Simonas Gentvilas, reusing waste Lithuania is determined to reach at least the EU average. Now it lags behind three times. “We still live in a linear economy, not in a circular economy: we use only 4% secondary raw materials in the production of new products, when the EU average is 12%”, says Simonas Gentvilas.

Requirements for producers and importers

The law proposes that separately collected reusable or recyclable waste should not be used for energy recovery or landfill without pre-treatment. It is planned to implement separate measures for the collection of textile, biological, construction and household hazardous waste.

It is proposed to impose an obligation to take into account long-term waste management objectives when planning the capacity and development of waste management facilities. Manufacturers and importers must play their part in achieving these goals.

Producers and importers organizations and the administrator of the deposit for non-reusable packaging are required to publish on their websites the auditors’ reports of at least five recent years and sets of annual financial statements together with the auditors’ conclusions.

If the proposal to clarify the purpose of the Waste Management Program is approved, it will be devoted not only to waste management, but also to prevention and achieving the goals of the circular economy by expanding the areas of financing.

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