A Large-scale Computing Platform Offers Free Program

Big data processing gives access to large-scale data to extract useful information for supporting and providing decisions. And the huge amount of big data being dealt with, by enterprises across industries has been on the rise.

Cloud computing was the technology that made “everything from everywhere” available and manageable for companies. Now companies have a chance to use it for free. Any small or medium-sized enterprise with data overflow that striving to turn it into a profit is invited you to join BalticLSC platform and get their business ideas tested for free.

BalticLSC platform facilitates the development of computation “bricks”, creation of applications from ready “bricks”, and application execution in a secure large-scale computing environment. The platform gives businesses the opportunity to select ready-to-use or easily develop their own data processing modules and applications. Companies can then run them within a distributed network of large-scale computing clusters provided by reliable computing centers across Europe. The system provides a competitive market for computing power thus making the whole data processing experience much more affordable. Currently, BalticLSC runs a free case study program, which gives a chance of testing business ideas for free.

The platform will enable to:

use personalized data computation modules and apps;
perform data computation tasks in a fast and efficient manner;
secure data from any possible infringements.

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