What is it?


“Baltic Industry” – specialized periodic publication about industrial engineering, industrial construction, industrial solutions, maintenance of equipment, organisation of production, tendencies and technologies that are interesting, useful and important for all the people that work in the industry.

Why to be here?

1. Target audience (executives of industry enterprises, engineers, technicians, producers) is reached quicly and directly. “Baltic Industry”  distribut among all the industry enterprises in Lithuania: from Free economic zone and Industrial parks to factories that are in provinces.

2. Unique and specific publication, oriented to the target audience. Created together with Lithuanian industry representatives, KTU and VGTU academicians. Part of the content is translated from acknowledged publications from all around the world.

3. “Baltic Industry” – economically the best way to reach all the executives of the Lithuanian industry.

Edition and distribution.

Number of copies is 1500. PFD version available to all the readers. “Baltic Industry” magazine distribut among Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and other associations, among executives of enterprises in FEZ and industrial parks.

Layouts and prices:

  • 1 page: 400 Eur + VAT;
  • 2 pages: 600 Eur + VAT;
  • 1/2 page: 300 Eur+VAT;
  • IInd cover 600 Eur + VAT;
  • IIIrd cover 500 Eur + VAT;
  • IVth cover 800 Eur + VAT.

For further information contact
Liuda Michalkeviciene,
mob. phone +370 610 39 642.

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