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At a young age, Danish Joachim Kastberg managed to develop his hobby to the means of living. He has been experimenting with gourmet ice cream for eight years, and is now ready to set new goals for his ice cream adventure.

The recipe for success at Kastberg Ice Cream is a delicious quality product combined with business-to-business sales in five-liter buckets for hotels, restaurants, cafes.

Every week, Joachim Kastberg produces several thousand liters of gourmet ice cream, which is sold all over Denmark. He learned the craft when, just graduated and full of will to pursue his dream, he sought out an ice maker, which he looked over his shoulder with great interest.

After two years of apprenticeship, Joachim opened his own business. It has only progressed since then for Kastberg Ice, which has experienced growth every year since the start in 2012. This has meant that Joachim Kastberg has hired a director who, among other things, takes care of everything around personnel, budget and inventory management, so that he himself can spend more of his time on business development.

The continuous growth has also resulted in Kastberg Ice recently moving its ice cream production to new and larger premises in Herning, where they can produce two to three times as much ice cream as before. With a new director and thus extra hands and eyes on the company, it has also been time to put a turbo on Kastberg Ice strategy:

We would like to start exporting, but we have no experience with export at all. We approached Erhvervshus Midtjylland to get help to investigate the possibilities in the German export market, and we were so lucky that we were granted DKK 25,000 to an adviser so we could get started”

Joachim Kastberg

Today, the five are full-time employees and the hope is that the export opportunities will open up the possibility for Kastberg Ice to employ more employees in the future:

If not Erhvervshus Midtjylland and the competence we have gained through it, we certainly would not have been where we are today ”.

Joachim Kastberg.

Kastberg Ice already has several export initiatives in collaboration with Erhvervshus Midtjylland in the pipeline. Among other things, Kastberg Ice will accumulate knowledge about exports internally in the company, so that they are equipped to make decisions about choosing and opting out of potential markets in the future.

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