Brand changes along with the company’s operations

UAB Betono mozaika, which has been operating in the market for 25 years, has renewed its brand, which symbolically changes the company’s operations – in 2021 the company changed product segmentation, new product names appeared in the range, customer service and production standards were introduced, and product sales expanded in new areas.

“We have been working on the company’s internal processes for several years, as well as introducing the development of the company’s products in local markets, therefore, with the brand changes, we symbolically mark a new stage in the company’s operations. We did not want to radically change the brand, but we felt the need to innovate, emphasize modernity, exclusivity and expertise, thus emphasizing the changes and standards introduced in the company, reorienting, improving customer experience and production processes”

CEO Romas Venckus

The renewal of the brand will be followed by long and intense changes in visual identity, which are planned to be completed in 2022. The company’s brand renewal was developed by the agency Mãrios, which is successful in the field of branding and graphic design. When working with the brand, the artistic director of the agency Marius Kneipferaviča wanted to maintain the presence of the elements of the logo symbol, maintaining the connection with the product, at the same time emphasizing the modernity of “Concrete Mosaic”.

In 2021, Betono mosaic expanded its sales territories – products can be purchased in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Working closely with architects and designers, new products, exclusive textures and color solutions are created.

In 2020, the company had record sales – the company’s sales and production volumes were the highest in the company’s history. Compared to 2019, sales increased by about 11 percent. The products are delivered to various projects – from main roads to urban square reconstruction projects. Not forgotten by individuals who can find in the market exclusive products of antique texture Nida, the popular Dito, large plates Plaza , not to mention exclusive ColorMix shades , natural stone textures and washed surface products.

As far as public projects are concerned, in addition to these products, from 2019 the company offers exclusive additional products from the German manufacturer Romex GmbH – fillers, repair compounds, anchors that ensure the stability of the decking, crushed glue and epoxy resin products.

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