Door automation brings hygienic and convenient access to the building industry

Accessibility means increased comfort and a better quality of life for everyone. The goal of accessible building is to plan and construct buildings and housing which can be used by anyone without help and without limitation. When talking to the experts at GEZE, they all agree: Automatic door systems provide the hygienic solution for people being able to comfortably and barrier-free pass through entrances without contact with the door.

We see it in every type of building: The need for a comfortable automatic door opening. Recently we request the activation to be touch-free, to support the hygienic demand of today. In office buildings, hotels, public buildings, and especially in healthcare facilities the demand has increased significantly this year and it builds a future awareness of taking care of each other. Taking care is not just a hygienic matter; it also concerns making the access available for all people, no matter the state of movability. Accessibility is for everyone.  

Touch-free activation provide hygienic access

As everyone in the world, the employees at GEZE have had to realize that the need for hygienic solutions is a reality, today and in the world of tomorrow. Therefore, it is obvious that customers are always offered a complete solution, allowing the best possible accessibility in each building, when contacting GEZE.

At GEZE the door automatics are activated with a touch-free activation sensor, enabling the doors to be opened without contact by hand, which prevents germs from being transmitted from one person to the other. This ensures the hygiene that we all request. GEZE has several activation sensors on the market and the GC306 is an excellent example of high functionality combined with a clean and smooth design.

Product quality as part of the history

As a world leading supplier of high quality products for the building industry, GEZE has a proud history of supplying state-of-the-art products and services to the global market.  With GEZE automatic door solutions you combine barrier free access with a great variety of functions in an elegant door design. Automatic doors are particularly suitable for buildings with a high volume of footfall and they already exist in many of today’s buildings.

GEZE not only offers a wide range of door automatics, matching the need of the specific door, GEZE has also extended the range of activations and sensors to meet today’s demand for hygienic touch-free solutions, as well as door safety. GEZE’s range covers both swing-, sliding- and revolving doors, matching the need of most buildings. While GEZE’s Slimdrive EMD-F is a known champion in most markets for the always reliable functionality on outer and inner swing doors, the GEZE Powerturn offers a strong and powerful solution for the most heavy of entrances.

Automatic doors are often recognized in exteriorly entrance areas, and GEZE also offer solutions to make the interior doors operate automatically allowing for convenient movement throughout the building. The GEZE ECturn is a low-power door automatic for swing doors. The discreet and elegant design makes it blend smoothly into the room, and with a reliable and silent operation, it is an obvious choice for the business office or the health clinic.

By Malene Pedersen, Marketing Manager, GEZE Scandinavia

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