E-bike producer plans to expand in Switzerland and the Netherlands

Ampler Bikes grew its revenue 115% in 2020 compared to the previous year while recording a year-end profit. The e-bike producer’s biggest market Germany showed revenue growth of 136% amid a consumer shift from public transport and cars to e-bikes during the pandemic. Ampler intends to sustain its fast growth rate in Germany while expanding in other markets, such as Switzerland and the Netherlands where the company has plans to open flagship stores in 2021.

In Germany, Ampler opened a second showroom in the region in the spring of 2020, located in Cologne. The pandemic’s blow on the company’s results was countered by the company’s direct sales model – online sales account for more than 90% of the company’s revenue, the effects felt by the pandemic forcing its showrooms shut and putting its country-wide test ride programme on pause were limited. In addition to the direct online sales model, Ampler’s own production facilities in Estonia and close partnerships with suppliers proved to be advantages in difficult times.

Elsewhere in Europe, the e-bike maker is seeking to develop a stronger market presence in the Netherlands and in Switzerland where Ampler will open its flagship stores in each country.

Ampler’s CEO and co-founder Ardo Kaurit is optimistic about the upcoming year: “We believe in fast-paced but sustainable growth. Although the bicycle industry, in general, will most likely continue to face challenges in terms of frame and component availability in 2021, we believe in our set-up.”

Ampler grew its headcount from 45 to 85 and aims to double the number in 2021 in support of further growth. In December 2020, Ampler announced plans for a new carbon-neutral assembly factory in Estonia with construction expected to start in 2021. The current factory located just outside Tallinn was opened in November 2019.

2021 marks the first year where Ampler is throwing support behind pro cycling by becoming the title sponsor for the UCI Continental level Ampler Development Team whose aim is to develop U23 riders from the Baltics and Finland. The team is managed and trained by former pro-riders Jaan Kirsipuu and Rene Mandri.

Ampler Bikes makes light electric bicycles for urban commuters. The company launched in 2016 with a mission to create better commuting experiences and remove barriers from cycling. Currently, Ampler has over 85 people working between the offices located in Berlin, Cologne and Tallinn.

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