Logistics Systems Supplier Dematic Expands Its Lithuanian Division

Dematic, who is an intralogistics innovator that designs, builds and supports intelligent, automated solutions has expanding its presence in Lithuania. The company has announced plans to hire another 100 specialists in Controls, Mechanical engineering, Software Development and Solutions Development in 2021.

When Dematic opened its Engineering and Consulting office in Kaunas in 2007, the plan was to hire 60 specialists to work in engineering and computer simulation areas. With Dematic’s continued global growth and the steady local supply of highly qualified specialists, the company expanded its Lithuania-based teams during the first 10 years of operations. After a successful 2016, Dematic decided to hire 40 additional specialists in 2017–2020.

Dematic’s growth in Lithuania has exceeded these expectations threefold – adding another office in Vilnius, the company currently employs more than 180 people. In 2020 alone, during the peak of the pandemic, Dematic Lithuania managed to grow by 56 employees.

“Dematic is continuously expanding, and we need more and more specialists with great engineering skills to work both in Lithuania and abroad,” says Vadim Major, Head of Engineering and Director at Dematic’s Kaunas office. “Dematic is committed to Lithuania because of its large pool of well-educated, skilled and highly motivated individuals who are the key to providing high value-added engineering services.”

“Based upon continued growth plans over the coming years, Dematic is committed to continue growing the Lithuanian team by hiring 100 mechanical, controls, software, solutions development, systems integration engineers and their managers. “Controls engineering, software development and mechanical engineering are the core functions at our office,” Major explains. “We provide comfortable base for engineers to develop their skills to world-class professional standard in their home country with opportunities to travel and apply them on projects abroad.”

“Perhaps the most significant event planned for this year is opening Research and Development function. It will be comprised of Product and System technology development teams and employ senior Control and Mechanical engineering specialists. We are really proud to be trusted with such opportunity as the developments of this function will be used on Dematic projects globally”, says Major.

Dematic is committed to hiring recent graduates and has been closely collaborating with Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and Vilnius Tech university. For instance, Dematic has collaborated with KTU on the university’s Mechatronics programme, which has recently received the Investors’ Spotlight quality reward, indicating the match between graduates’ skills and the job market demands. Dematic invites students of mechanical and automation engineering disciplines for internships, training and upskilling at the company’s internal laboratories.

“Over more than a decade since its opening, Dematic’s Kaunas office has grown into a reputable engineering hub, supported by high-quality Lithuanian talent,” says Mantas Katinas, Managing Director at Invest Lithuania. “The continuous growth of Dematic’s Lithuanian team shows that close industry-university collaboration and strong technical competencies of graduates yield results that exceed expectations.”

About Dematic

Dematic is an intralogistics innovator that designs, builds and supports intelligent, automated solutions for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution environments for customers that are powering the future of commerce. With engineering centres, manufacturing facilities and service centres located in more than 25 countries, the Dematic global network of 10,000 employees has helped achieve more than 6,000 worldwide customer installations for some of the world’s leading brands. Headquartered in Atlanta, Dematic is a member of KION Group, one of the global leaders in industrial trucks and supply chain solutions, and a leading provider of warehouse automation.

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