New Battery Pack Factory from SoliTek, ABEE and IMECAR

The solar module manufacturer SoliTek (Lithuania), Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (ABEE) (Belgium) and IMECAR Elektronik (Turkey) have signed a joint venture agreement for the set up of a new battery pack production in Lithuania (Vilnius). The battery pack factory will be fully operational by January 2023.

The new factory will have a starting production capacity of 100 MWh, which will later be scaled up towards 1 GWh in the function of the market demand. The produced battery packs will be designed for home storage, industrial and renewable applications.

SoliTek will contribute to the management of the installation of the manufacturing line in Vilnius and, at the same time, will be responsible for the upscaling and market approach. For the battery pack factory project, ABEE and IMECAR will bring their solid know-how in the field of battery design and manufacturing. Thus, the combined expertise and market strategies of the three companies will ensure the success of this new venture and the battery pack factory itself. Orders for battery packs shall be accepted from the beginning of Q2 2022.

“This new JV is a strategic step forward to a new battery pack production in Lithuania. It will strengthen the innovation and research potential that we are creating and will help to integrate this into batteries production to reduce CO2 emissions. This will be the first production line to supply the batteries for the emerging market.

Chairman of the Board of the GBG, holding managing SoliTek Vidmantas Janulevičius.

Prof. Noshin Omar, CEO ABEE, says, that this JV is a strategic step forward for ABEE and their customers to supply high-quality products. In addition, this new factory and products will extend the ABEE products portfolio.

According to Mark Lander, CEO IMECAR, this new JV is a strategic step forward to extend their market in East and West Europe by offering customers state-of-the-art battery solutions based on their needs and specifications.

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