New position in Lithuanian schools: Career consultant will help students decide on careers

From September 1, 2022 new postions will be created in general education and vocational schools.

After the Minister of Education, Science and Sports Jurgita Šiugždinienė approves the description of the requirements for the education and professional knowledge of career specialists, career specialists will be employed in general education schools and vocational training institutions to help decide on further study and career plan.

We want every student to have the opportunity to complete a general education or vocational school, able to plan their career. For this reason, it is very important that career counseling services are provided in all schools by a qualified and knowledgeable professional. Currently, vocational guidance in schools is fragmented, only a part of students can take advantage of this opportunity, as there are only 89 career counseling specialists in Lithuania. It is unfortunate that the choice of profession and targeted career counseling have not been guaranteed for every student so far. Therefore, we have started the reform of the vocational guidance system, which would ensure the availability and continuous funding of career counseling.

Agnė Kudarauskienė, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Sports.

From the next school year, a vocational guidance program will be introduced in schools from the first grade. Career guidance at the school will be provided by a career specialist, and additional classes for 1-4 grade pupils will be organized by the class teacher.

A career specialist will have to have a higher education, and if he or she does not have one, he or she will be able to acquire a pedagogical education if he or she has already been employed in a general education school or vocational training institution. The recruitment of new career professionals is expected to lead to in-service training starting later this year, and older career professionals will have the opportunity to participate in the training if they want to update their knowledge or acquire new competencies.

It is planned to allocate up to 10 million Eur for the establishment of new career specialists.

The commitment to create conditions for all students to be provided with career education, vocational information and counseling by ensuring the training of career specialists and a sustainable funding model was enshrined in the agreement signed by the parliamentary parties of the Seimas on Lithuanian education policy 2021–2030.

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