Nord Robotics is developing a stand-alone testing robot

Nord Robotics, a Lithuanian robot developer working mainly with industrial automation, has focused on the medical sector. The company is developing an autonomous testing robot that can perform coronavirus tests without human help.

The company, which received EUR 570,000 for the implementation of the project, plans to create a prototype robot within a year. Later on it is expected to be commercialized and launched on the market.

The evident advantage of robots is that they don’t catch coronavirus. That’s why robotic solutions have already found a way to help with the pandemic crisis.

ABB, a robotics giant, supplies Singapore with robots SCARA from its existing product line to carry out 50,000 coronavirus tests per day. Improved performance helps increase sample processing and protects laboratory staff.

ABB robots are being used to deliver high-precision performance as part of a new automated laboratory system being deployed in Singapore. The system, known as the Rapid Automated Volume Enhancer (RAVE) uses the robots to automate several of the laborious tasks involved in sample processing, enabling up to 2,000 samples to be prepared in a single day.

SCARA robots operating in a cell allowed samples to be processed four times faster than using manual methods. They also removed the need for people to carry out repetitive tasks, avoiding the risk of injury.

ABB competes with Japan’s Fanuc Corp (Nord Robotics are FANUC robots integrators in Lithuania) and Germany’s Kuka.

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