Perfect for food delivery mopeds, the new German design helps reduce city air pollution.

The Group’s engineering division of the MAHLE Powertrain developed new lithium-carbon battery concept. It is designed to enable ultrafast charging of lightweight two-wheeled and small vehicles in under 90 seconds for applications such as urban distribution transport. The concept is particularly sustainable because it does not require rare raw materials and is fully recyclable.

“The mobility transformation is accelerating every day, and we are helping to advance climate-friendly technologies. MAHLE’s portfolio today is as varied as the future mobility requirements. We are targeting those areas where zero-carbon mobility needs good ideas.”

Dr. Martin Berger, Vice President Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering at MAHLE.

A battery concept from MAHLE Powertrain combines the advantages of supercapacitors and conventional lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-carbon battery technology is not only able to support the ultrafast charging of compact delivery vehicles in inner-city areas, for example. It also has a high power density and is not susceptible to so-called runaway events, in which uncontrolled overheating occurs.

Current EV batteries of a similar size work for up to two years before needing replacement. MAHLE says its battery works for 100,000 cycles.  

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