Subscription services have bloomed

Subscribtion provides an incredibly varied portfolio of offerings. Interest in the model appears to be growing, with businesses benefiting from the efficiency of the process and ability to provide tailored content and experiences. Consumers, too, are staying interested, with loyalty rewarded through a range of rewards programmes.

As public services and professional workplaces continue to adapt to the new hybrid model of working life, there are vast opportunities to make subscriptions more meaningful for both buyers and sellers. For example, German startup Dance e-bike subscribtion offers a full-service concierge. It means that all e-bike repairs and maintenance are booked via an app and completed within 24 hours.

Dance e-bike launch city is Berlin and the ride started less than one month ago. Dance offers a full-service e-bike subscription that encourages members to replace traditional commutes with movement, whilst removing the headache of bike maintenance. For a monthly fee of €79, members receive a custom-designed electric bike, as well as access to a concierge service, which includes initial delivery of the new bike and ongoing repairs.

The service launched together with very first e-bike model, the Dance One.

“We’re excited to show Berlin — and the world — how together, we can create cities with citizens that are healthier, happier and more connected”, says founder team of the startup. Currently available within the central Berlin Ringbahn area, the company is already planning to expand into other cities. 

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