The biggest foreign investments in Lithuania are entrusted to „Baltic Engineers“

The German technology company and automotive supplier Continental has confirmed that engineering consultancy and project management company Baltic Engineers from Vilnius will develop and start implementing the latest construction project of Continental plant near Kaunas, this year. The 95 million Euro investment is considered to be one of the biggest in the history of Lithuania.

Continental addressed Baltic Engineers after it became the designer and manager of windows production complex construction in Marijampolė FEZ, valued at 100 million Euro. Before, Baltic Engineers became well known for successful projects of IKEA in Vilnius and Riga.

Darius Kvedaras
Darius Kvedaras.

“We have attracted the attention of international industry giants after gaining the experience in big international projects. Moreover, we are one of the few companies in the Baltic States market which has the competence to provide two services highly valued by project developers – designing and project management – at the same time”, said Darius Kvedaras, CEO of Baltic Engineers.

CEO of Baltic Engineers revealed that during partner search in Lithuania Continental raised very high requirements. Continental was looking for companies which use modern design tools. According to Mr Kvedaras, Continental plant is designed with the help of the most advanced 3D Information Building Modelling (BIM) software and BIM standards for project management. The use of the above mentioned modern methodology for design and project management, allows, at each stage, to control project quality, work deadlines, resources and future construction budget as well as later construction progress and management, building maintenance and operation.

In addition, the project is based on the requirements of US Sustainable Designing System Leadership in Energy and Environment design (LEED).

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. The highest sustainability and environmental requirements are made to the new factories like the Lithuanian plant. The plant, to be constructed near Kaunas, will occupy a total area of 22,000 square meters production site and will have to meet requirements of energy class A+. Also, the choice of construction materials will be based not only on conventional technical data, but on the life-cycle analysis as well.

Moreover, in order to use the energy as efficiently as possible in the future building, it is planned to implement the dynamic, energy modelling not only of the building, but of technological equipment too. It shall be performed by “constructing” the plant on virtual space and simulating the building life, also recording the specific energy consumption changes throughout the year.

Energy simulation will allow the designers of Baltic Engineers to select energy-efficient solutions and materials very precisely, taking into account not the theoretical calculations, but actual data obtained from simulation.

The future building of the plant will have to meet the highest standards of reliability, under the requirements of FM Global, including loss prevention standards related to quality, technical integrity and performance.

Completion of Continental plant construction is planned at the end of the second quarter of 2019. Approximately 1000 specialist will work there.

The quality of project coordination will be ensured not only by ISO implemented in the company, but also by the German VDI standard.

Baltic Engineers – a team of professional engineers who have solid experience and provide high quality services in the areas of territory planning, designing, project management and engineering consultancy, based on robust trust relations and strict business conduct.

Completion of several hundred engineering projects in different areas, has earned the Company a title of reliable and professional partner. Company carry out its activities following the principles of RICS, globally recognized real estate and construction experts’ organization, including its values, such as expediency of actions, transparency, proportionality, accountability, continuity and stability.

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