The current hits in the bakeries

Bread, rolls, pretzel? Vegetarian or vegan? Find a brief inventory of current trends in the bakery trade, provided by Internorga.

Breakfast, dinner or snacks in between – bakeries have always provided the right offer for every time of the day. But eating habits have changed over the decades. International specialties, such as French baguette or Italian ciabatta, are becoming increasingly popular. Preferably with wholegrain or original grain, such as spelt or emmer. Bread made from sourdough is also in demand. Sustainability and the origin of the products are also a big issue in bakeries and bakery shops.

Snacking is a megatrend that has influenced and changed the out-of-home market. 

For bakeries and confectionery shops, snacking is an additional profit and provides additional business, even if snacking requires new concepts from bakers and confectioners in order to meet the current needs of the guests. In the crisis months, however, the area experienced a small dent. But here, too, the demand for sandwiches, bagels and ciabatta is recovering. Bakers have long been more than just bread experts, they are bakery restaurateurs who broaden their perspectives and have recognized the diversity of the entire area.

Technology and digitization have found their way into the bakery. Kneading, weighing or working, all of this is already computer-controlled in many places. The use of innovative technology increases production reliability, reduces quality fluctuations and relieves bakers of routine work. The networking of the individual devices in the bakery is future-oriented. This allows process-optimized work and thereby increases profitability. Digitization can also be found in the sales room. Nothing works here without modern and fast cash register systems.

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