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It is a place to get your briefing on industry-related acquisitions, construction, logistics, R&D, manufacturing and market news of the Baltic sea countries.

Relevant intelligence from consulting houses, non-governmental bodies and global institutions goes along with local news and provides accurate scenery of the industrial sector to the decision makers.

Facts and insights combined gives proper knowledge of where global trends and changes head Baltic companies to. 

Following the leading companies at Baltic Industry we have a chance to observe how countries grow out of cheap manufacturing and low-cost countries rank and emerge as mid- or high-tech industries with ever-improving environmental standards.

European and national policies as well as a need to keep competitiveness require Baltic manufacturing industries to enter into the reality of constant innovation, digitalisation and circular economy. These are forces, enabling carbon capture, green fuels, bio-based materials and other solutions. Mobility, textile, food, energy, building materials sectors are booming globally and are going to develop further. We are here to show what sustainable and commercially successful products and services make a change in Baltics. 

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