AFRY and OptiCept agree to develop technology for future food production

To succeed in the transition to a more sustainable society, new and smart technology is required for future food production. Therefore, AFRY and OptiCept Technologies have entered into an agreement where the primary purpose is to sell complete OptiCept systems and where AFRY becomes a global partner for implementation and integrations of OptiCept Technologies’ systems and technology.

The partnership will start with a collaboration on testing and development of OptiCept’s technology to improve the foamability of plant based beverages and to reduce the use of enzymes. These tests are scheduled to be conducted in the third quarter of 2021.

Thereafter, the purpose is to develop and evaluate systems for other food categories such as beer, wine, whey protein and extraction of other essences.

The agreement initially extends over three years with the possibility of extension.

“Through the agreement with Opticept we can take a step in our work to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society. We look forward to jointly developing and implementing new technology for the food of the future”, says Paul Lange, Country Manager AFRY in Denmark.

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