Fortaco was extraordinary busy during the first half of 2021

The order intake is record high, and company can still see +50% growth in order intake, which will contribute to record high turnover in 2021. The group is planning activities around Fortaco Go Green by scrutinizing in-house sustainability strategy and related actions. Customers and the market talks about e-mobility and fossil free steel of the future. Company is digitalizing operations to make them more simple and more efficient.

We still experience the Corona pandemic around us. Fortaco has managed the situation fairly good, our teams at factories have managed to secure operations with limited impacts. I appreciate the open and constructive dialogue with customers.

Lars Hellberg
President & CEO

Commitment to safety

Fortaco employees committed on safety. As we know, initially safety is to secure right equipment, however, the most important is the individual behavior and endless commitment: stop – think – act, on a continuous basis. Company have moved from having several incidents per month to having several months without incident. This proves it is indeed possible to run with zero incidents. Fortaco Group have launched a Safety Handbook to present the safety strategy.

Master of Flexibility (MoF) is a key strategic cornerstone for our success. We expect MoF to be a critical success factor for Fortaco for many years to come, because the possibilities for improvement are endless, and our customers’ requirements continuously change. Together with customers, we have reduced lead-time from several weeks to several days. We have also launched a Master of Flexibility Handbook, and our plan is to run an intensive in-house training in the second half of 2021.

Lars Hellberg
President & CEO

Business Site Gruza in Serbia

Fortaco acquired a new Business Site in Serbia, which has been integrated with respect, simplicity and speed. New Business Site provides Fortaco and its’ customers with new capacity within steel fabrication and assembly business. Serbian site’s key capability currently is manufacturing of high-tech large winches. The focus is to identify customers within Fortaco’s large customer portfolio, and generate additional business in a coming time period.

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