New sea route connects Klaipeda and US East coast

From now on, Klaipeda Sea port is directly connected to the Eastern coast of the USA. Cargo containers, leaving Klaipeda, should reach New York in 15 days.

“Having in mind recent losses, we successfully discover new markets, we are already compensating the cargo of Eastern countries with other cargo flows of Western countries. The port reorients and at the same time creates new challenges for the stevedoring companies operating in it, which must be ready not only to accept the new cargo, but also to keep it in the port of Klaipeda. New opportunities are also opening for Lithuanian exporters and importers”

Algis Latakas, General Director of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority

The sea line, which includes the port of Klaipeda, will run on the route Klaipeda – Gdynia – Gothenburg – Bremerhaven – New York – Philadelphia – Norfolk – Klaipeda. The first ship sailing on this shipping line entered Klaipeda port on March 26.

Currently, the company MSC has already included the port of Klaipeda in its three shipping lines.

In mid-March, the world’s fastest-growing container shipping company, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), added Klaipeda to the NWC TO ECUADOR sea route, which connects Klaipeda with ports in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia and other countries. Containerized cargo from the port of Klaipeda also travels directly on the NWC TO IPAK (North-West Continent to India-Pakistan) sea route, which connects Klaipeda with direct connections to the ports of India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and other countries.

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