REHAU wins the German Design Award

REHAU’s Furniture Solutions division was able to take home three prizes at this year’s German Design Award. The REHAU Edelmatt collection, the sustainable edgebands RAUKANTEX eco and evo as well as the editorial of the print brochure Surfaces received awards. The three products convinced the jury of one of the most important German design awards. 

Once a year, a top-class international jury awards the German Design Award launched by the German Design Council. The award has set itself the goal of promoting a design-oriented economy. Accordingly, products are awarded annually in various categories that are pioneering in the international design landscape. 

REHAU Edelmatt Collection

The REHAU Edelmatt collection was chosen as the winner from the products in the “Excellent Product Design – Material and Surfaces” category. Matt surfaces, whether completely uniform or combined with high-quality contrasting materials, bring elegance to trendy living spaces. With the Edelmatt collection, carpenters, designers and industrial partners can create furniture and rooms that, as if designed from a single mold, meet the spirit of the times. This is made possible by the fact that the surface, edge and storage space are available in a design combination. The appealing look is accompanied by a pleasant, velvety feel with a soft touch and anti-fingerprint.

REHAU surface brochure

The way in which the world of surfaces is presented to customers and partners in writing was also worthy of a prize for the jury of the German Design Awards. The REHAU surface brochure landed on the podium in the “Excellent Communications Design – Editorial” category. In the course of establishing the new Edelmatt collection, the brochure was completely revised by the REHAU marketing team. A creative achievement that is now being rewarded: The coveted trophy was awarded for the editorial.

RAUKANTEX eco & evo

REHAU is sustainable – and also enables its customers to use products that conserve natural resources. One manifestation of this approach are the RAUKANTEX eco & evo edging products. With RAUKANTEX eco, REHAU has developed an edgeband that consists of 50 percent post-industrial recyclates. RAUKANTEX evo is based on non-fossil raw materials, the use of which means that no additional crude oil is required for the PP base material of the edging. The jury of the German Design Awards recognized these innovations with a prize in the “Excellent Product Design – Eco Design” category, which was set up to show that design and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

“Awards like the German Design Award are a good confirmation and appreciation for our new topics and at the same time, of course, that is also a big compliment to the respective team. The fact that there were three winners in three different areas this year shows us that we are on the right track with our innovation strategy.”

Hans Peter Mehnert, Head of Product Management Furniture Systems and Components.

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