The closed landfill going to become a solar park

The hazardous waste management company Toksika will open a solar park on the territory of the closed leather industry waste dump in Šiauliai district. There no other activities can be carried out, so company will dedicate 4 ha of the former landfill to the solar park, more than 2 ha will be maintained as a natural meadow.

Toksika is starting a new project: a new solar power park will be built on the territory of the former landfill in Jurgeliškiai village in Šiauliai district. Toksika plans to build a 3,859 megawatt solar power park. Company will invest more than 3 million Eur to this project. Construction is planned to be completed by the end of 2023.

The solar power plant park will produce about 3.8 million kilowatt hours of green electricity per year. It is estimated that this amount of renewable energy will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 2 million kilograms per year.

“The project is special because it will enable the transformation of an unused plot of land into a sustainable energy production site and will help to realize Toksika’s financial and sustainability goals. This is an atypical project, which aims to utilize the area of a closed hide dump for sustainable energy production.

Toksika CEO Arūnas Dirvinskas

An area of 4 hectares will be dedicated to a solar park and more than 2 hectares will be maintained as a natural meadow for local fauna and flora. Toksika already produces most of the electricity for its own operations. Electricity is produced in the hazardous waste incinerator by burning hazardous waste and in solar power plants in Vilnius and Alytus, installed on the roofs of the company’s buildings.

A. Dirvinskas claims that after the implementation of the new Toksika solar park project, it will not only fully satisfy the company’s internal electricity needs, but will also offer the opportunity to other energy users to purchase or rent a part of the solar park and produce green electricity for their own needs.


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