A necessary element of a modern building – skillfully installed ceilings

The construction of the new aircraft paint shop posed a number of challenges due to the non-standard purpose, the volume of the building and the quality criteria for the structures and engineering solutions of the hangar.

Good process management let all tasks, from the architect’s design to the production and installation of roof and ceiling structures, be carried out properly and as planned. The company LK Olimpus, which was a subcontractor for facade and roof works, performed ceiling installation and tinning works in the aircraft paint shop.

High technological requirements were set for the company’s specialists: to solve the issue of air turbulence, it was necessary to ensure the maximum tightness of the ceiling. Tightness is extremely important for the hangar not only because of air turbulence, but also to ensure that no dust accumulations remain anywhere.

The proper microclimate in the building of paint shop is very important, so the ceiling had to be installed very precisely, without any deviations and consistently according to the plans prepared by architects, engineers and builders. All works were carried out on time, in accordance with the contract. The installation and tinning works are under the guarantee.

Timely and high-quality work

LK Olimpus has learnt by experience that in order to become a reliable partner of general contractors and builders, it is necessary to ensure high quality of work performance, adhere to the established standards and carefully and timely implement each project.

Also, one of the formulas of the company’s success is extremely precise work planning and an experienced, cohesive, efficient team. Careful planning and teamwork allow the company to apply for subcontractor’s work in the largest buildings both in Lithuania and neighboring countries.

LK Olimpus provides professional facade and roof installation services. A team of qualified specialists performs the installation of sandwich panels, installation of a professional deck, tinning works, profiling and installation of sheet metal hinges. The company specializes in the installation and tinning of roofs and facades and works in various private, commercial and industrial buildings.

In recent years, LK Olimpus has provided subcontracting services in such facilities as Girteka logistics center and warehouses in Vilnius and Riga, Maxima shopping center, an aircraft hangar in Karmėlava, and the innovation and technology park in Ventspils. At the newly established facilities the company’s specialists installed the roof decking, produced sheet metal hinges and installed them, and installed sandwich wall panels as well as interior partitions.

Currently, the company mainly specializes in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings, working in Kaunas Logistics Center, Daugavpils Central Bioboiler and other projects of exceptional scope.

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