CERN Incubator in Lithuania starts incubating a start-up to develop business with the help of CERN technologies

Lithuanian Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technologies (incubator) completed the application evaluation phase and dialogs with participants which brought innovative and purposeful business ideas based on CERN competencies. After surpassing more than ten competitors, the unique idea that the winners seek to develop were deemed most promising by the commission and CERN experts.

The winner start-up of the incubator program – „Delta biosciences“. This start-up is on a mission to accelerate early stage drug discovery by miniaturising functional assays and exponentializing the chemical space.

“It is something to be proud of – CERN incubator in Lithuania in the second year in a row incubates new start-ups. Today we see an original, promising, and added value-creating start-up, worthy of becoming the winner of the incubator program and developing CERN technologies in our country”

Dr. Mantas Vilys, director of Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LIC).

The start-up „Delta biosciences“ will receive financial support of 40 thousand euros, consultations from CERN experts, will be invited to settle in one of the two science and technology parks (Sunrise Valley in Vilnius or Kaunas in Kaunas), and will be able to use other incentives offered by the program.

In 2018, CERN, the world’s largest laboratory for nuclear and particle physics, located in Switzerland, granted Lithuania the status of an associated country. Associate membership opens up opportunities for Lithuania to work closely with CERN in the fields of science, industry and technology. CERN’s technologies and competencies can be applied in medicine, biomedicine, aerospace, security, digital, cultural heritage and more.

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