Design and automated solutions for safer restaurants

In the times of pandemic design of singular spaces emerged as a good solution in different areas of life. Single-table huts, cabins and bubbles have sprung across the globe to offer a safer or more pleasant way to eat outdoors.

Another solution is to employ robots: now foodies can grab their takeout with total peace of mind. A company Paramount Fine Foods launched Box’d, a fully automated restaurant. After a few taps on the in-store digital kiosk, guests are rewarded with salads, oven baked wraps or tasty smoothies, all delivered sealed and sanitized in individual cubbies.

Box’d, fully-automated restaurant was designed for life during a global pandemic. But the food will not be made by robots. Actual people are working in the kitchen and making the food. In fact, even more people work in the kitchen than normal circumstances.

This unconventional concept for a restaurant is new for a food scene, opening at a time when people are itching for a chance to dine out after months of strict lockdown orders. At Box’d, customers will order their food in advance using a mobile app or through a digital kiosk at the location. The customers are notified when their food is ready and pick up their meals from a wall of digital cubbies and shelves that divide the dining area from the kitchen.

The customer behaviour is predicted to change permanently, and pick up is expected to expand in areas such as shopping. In the future supermarkets might merge with parking areas, convert into a large grab-and-go drive-in zones. People will use their vehicles to go shopping to save time and avoid unsafe contact with others. They will want both more efficient and safer shopping, which means avoiding queues and potentially unsafe contact.

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