Innovative products gain their place in sustainable interiors

Latvijas Finieris is increasing its production volumes of lignin-based green glue Riga ECOlogical, and the new product is gaining popularity among architects and interior designers.

The design bureau br.ook interior architecture, in one of their latest projects – library of Andrejs Upīts Secondary School Skrīveri, Latvia – chose to use Riga Ply and Riga ECOlogical for their interior solutions.

Interior architect Baiba Rūķe, br.ook interior architecture, comments: “The initial idea was to create a multifunctional space, yet we wanted the environment to be clean and natural for creative activities. The birch plywood is good material due to its durability and vast application options. It is also our local product. As interior architects, we pay a great deal of attention to materials that we use in our projects and we look for solutions that focus on air quality. It was interesting to use this material, which is natural and has a focus on sustainability.”

The library is special not only because of the high-quality materials used in the renovation process but also due to its functionality. The idea of the project was to transform the library into a meeting place where one can get familiar with the latest books, do homework in a pleasant and quiet environment, as well as organize other educational activities for children and the youth.

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