KG Constructions plant is to solve both product demand and workforce challenges

Lina Svaldenienė

At the end of July, the management team of KG Constructions Group buried a capsule in the foundations of the new plant, containing a message about today’s realities for future generations. The current challenges in manufacturing industry and industrial constructions are obvious: it is pandemic with its unexpected twists, troubled labor market and impetuous rise of the prices of construction materials as well as hard-to-understand increase of demand.

Despite these challenges, or even because of them, KG Constructions Group is building a factory with an A+ office building.

Conresta is building new spacious production hall and administrative premises on Molėtai Road near Vilnius for the production of aluminum and glass facade structures. The construction company has signed general construction contract, according to which Conresta has undertaken to complete the construction by 2022 April. Construction has accelerated and total investment in this development will reach 10 million Eur.

An impressive building on the outskirts of Vilnius

KG Constructions acquired a plot on Molėtai highway in 2012-2013. The company’s development in this territory will be implemented in two stages. During the first stage, the shop floor with an administrative building attached are going to raise, 13,800 sq. m. in total. The first production facility of 7,000 sq. m. keeps working, and after the completion of the first stage of development, the production area of the company will increase to 10,600 square meters. The office space will expand almost threefold (up to 3,200 sq. m.).

KGC CEO Linas Karžinauskas mentioned the complexity of labor market, and the company he manages is no exception – they also face the scarcity of qualified employees and race over talents. That’s the reason why the construction of the new production hall and administrative building aims not only the development of production, but improvement of working conditions for existing employees as well. The expansion of the company can attract potential new employees.

“It will be a modern building with the most energy efficient solutions. The administrative building has a solar control system with automatic blinds and energy-saving double facades. Most factories are limited to simple facade solutions, the administrative compartment is often very simple and modest. Our administrative building on Molėtai highway is quite suitable for city center”

KGC CEO Linas Karžinauskas
The work environment will attract new professionals

There are many office buildings with KGC facades in the Saltoniškės district of Vilnius. Now the sustainable solutions and representative aesthetics company supplied for these objects will move towards Molėtai, in their own premises.

“Ussualy factories do not have such offices, but we will. We have a lot of young people in our team, they observe and evaluate the environment whey work, counting in the elements of comfort, like gym and sauna, recreation areas, basketball courts and terraces”

The design of the new premises minds company’s effort to keep existing professionals and attract new talents. According to L. Karžinauskas, a decision, unique in the construction sector, will provide employees the highest level of workplace comfort, the same as offered by banks or telecommunications companies in recent years. The A+ energy efficiency office building will stand out with its original architecture and interior, high-quality finishing materials.

Spacious factory with more lines

One of the trends in the industry today is indefinitely growing demand. “Sometimes you don’t even understand where those materials go, because when you look around, you don’t see much,” jokes KGC’s director.

The plant of KG Constructions Group will double its production capacity from 100,000 to 200,000 sq.m per year. After the completion of the factory now under construction, the first factory remains working. However, one thing will change fundamentally: since the introduction of the new plant, both KGC plants will only operate during the day. It is not intended to move to one shift due to lack of work. On the contrary, there is no shortage of orders.

“One-shift job is especially attractive to workers. They also have a family, want to sleep in their beds, put their children to bed instead of going out for work in the the second shift. The decision was made to allow an employee to work during the day and sleep at night. The factory must be big enough and the assembly lines so spacious to afford it”.

L. Karžinauskas.

In addition to separate window and door assembly lines and gluing lines, the new plant will have six element assembly lines. The old factory has four lines. This means that up to ten projects can be produced at once after the second plant is up and running, and production will only take place during the day. This decision is related to employee well-being, production efficiency and better quality control at the day time.

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