The demand for natural cosmetics is constantly increasing

The demand for natural cosmetics is constantly increasing – in Germany sales increased by 23% between 2017 and 2020. 

What distinguishes natural cosmetics?

BrüggemannAlcohol, the subsidiary of German corporation Brüggemann, also observe this trend – as a manufacturer of alcohol for the cosmetics industry, they recognize that aspects such as sustainability, health awareness and transparency are becoming increasingly important for consumers.

Natural cosmetics must consist of a large proportion of plant-based ingredients and, as a rule, may not contain any synthetic or chemical components. Within natural cosmetics, the term organic cosmetics has also established itself – a high proportion of the plant-based ingredients should come from organic farming.

The ingredients used in natural or organic cosmetics must therefore be natural and/or certified organic.

Green origin – which specifications should raw materials in natural and organic cosmetics meet?

An important component in (natural) cosmetics is alcohol. While synthetic alcohol was often used in cosmetic products in the past, today only agriculturally produced ethanol is used due to the requirements of the natural and organic cosmetics certification bodies. Even conventional cosmetics manufacturers often switch to raw materials of agricultural origin.

As a producer of alcohol of agricultural origin, Brüggemann relies on the raw materials grain, sugar beets and potatoes, most of which come from Germany and to a lesser extent from neighboring EU countries. In addition, Brüggemann also has alcohol from controlled organic cultivation in its range, which is made from organic wheat or organic potatoes and is mainly used in natural cosmetics.

Preserving, dissolving and much more

The functions of alcohol in cosmetics:

  • Preservative of the ingredients so that the cosmetic product lasts longer even after opening
  • The product becomes resistant to germs and acquires a bactericidal effect
  • Carrier for herbal ingredients, e.g. to bring scent in perfume to the skin
  • Solution of natural ingredients in alcohol-water mixture

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