Vantaa Energy and St1 to cooperate in the distribution of electric fuel

The Power-to-Gas plant (P2G), planned for completion by Vantaa Energy in 2025 in Finland, produces carbon-neutral synthetic gas, the production process of which utilises water and carbon dioxide recovered from the waste treatment process in a new and innovative way. Synthetic gas can be used as transport fuel instead of fossil natural gas. The circular economy energy company Vantaa Energy and the energy company St1 have signed a preliminary agreement for cooperation on the distribution of the gas produced by the electric fuel plant to end users and on measures related to distribution.

The preliminary agreement between the circular economy energy company Vantaa Energy and the energy company St1 is a significant step towards cleaner transport and the achievement of both sector-specific and company-specific emission reduction targets.

Vantaa Energy and St1 agrees on cooperation on the distribution of gas produced by Vantaa Energy’s Power-to-Gas plant, which is planned for completion in 2025, to St1’s customers. The electric fuel plant produces environmentally friendly carbon-neutral synthetic gas for transport use, the use of which takes the transport sector towards sector-specific emission reduction targets. The cooperation between Vantaa Energy and St1 is an example of the possibility of greening the transport transition, as the carbon neutral synthetic gas distributed through St1’s service station network is easily accessible to end users. St1’s objective is to start the distribution of liquefied renewable gas in Finland, Sweden and Norway in 2023 and to build nation-wide distribution networks in the coming years.

“With the electric fuel plant project, Vantaa Energy is taking another important step towards fossil-free and carbon-negative energy production. The project is particularly important for Vantaa Energy because for the first time we have produced a carbon dioxide product”

Kalle Patomeri, Business Director of Vantaa Energy, City Energy

“The project is an important step forward in the production of synthetic fuels and the promotion of carbon neutrality in road transport. It is important to be able to offer our customers products that can be used to concretely promote carbon neutrality. Synthetic gas is a natural addition to the distribution of St1’s renewable gas alongside biogas in our future stations. ”

Matti Oksanen, Director of St1’s Gas Business

Power-to-Gas plant moving towards investment decision

The Vantaa Energy Power-to-Gas plant project is proceeding as planned towards an investment decision. The environmental impact assessment procedure for the project is underway and the permitting procedures are progressing. The electric fuel plant is planned to be located in connection with the Vantaa Energy Waste-to-Energy plant, enabling the utilisation of waste energy generated in the process as heat. The Vantaa Energy Power-to-Gas plant project uniquely combines the benefits of the project for several industries, serving transport fuel production as well as the heating, gas and electricity markets.

Significant uncertainties have been eliminated in the technical design of the project and commercial operating conditions have been ensured to a large extent. Overall, the implementation of the electric fuel plant project is awaiting the necessary grant financing decision, which is expected to be received in the course of this year. According to the preliminary schedule, the planned completion of the Power-to-Gas plant is scheduled for 2025.

The electric fuel plant project is part of the Vantaa Energy Fossil-Free 2026 project, which will lead to the phasing out of fossil fuels in energy production in the Vantaa region by 2026. Vantaa Energy will move towards carbon negativity in 2030.

If implemented as planned, the annual production of the electric fuel plant would be 80,000 MWh of liquefied synthetic gas, corresponding to the annual consumption of approximately 160 gas-fuelled heavy-duty vehicles.

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