1.5 years of collaboration results in first WMF porcelain collection

IDX_FS International Digital Food Services Expo powered by INTERNORGA took place on 15-18 of March. During the expositions, products and brands were presented as well as relevant discussions about trends in the time of corona crisis held.

German tableware company WMF Group saved an exposition date for the world premiere of their brand new collections called SYNERGY & STYLE LIGHTS. This is the first professional porcelain in WMF history. In the context of the fair, they also presented a variety of Style-lights.

Synergy came to be by a devoted designer, who has had a passion for porcelain and table culture since she graduated design studies. The latest collection Synergy for WMF Professional by Andrea Luft was born in Munich, Germany. “I othen ask, what does it mean to create an innovative tableware collection? For me, as a designer, it is like writing an exciting story. When I design, I always try to be curious and question what I take for granted. I really like to go beyond boundaries to find new spaces in design”, says A.Luft.

And it took precisely this basis to design the first tableware collection of WMF Professional. This case was not only about designing a new series, but also about transforming WMF’s DNA into the design language of tableware.

At the beginning of the project, the design team focused on the target groups. Various design thinking workshops helped to understand gastronomic professionals and their needs. “With a lot of fun we developed innovative concept approaches and an optimal assortment. I very much enjoy life in all facets, and this attitude to life is also reflected in my design. Therefore, it’s important for me to combine pleasure and sensuality with functionality”, points out Andrea Luft.

The base of Synergy is timeless, multifunctional and flexible in use. Plates, platters and also bowls are characterised by a clear and geometric shape. These create an iconic expression. Precise edges coexist with taut surfaces. The cups also follow this principle. The handle specifically gives them distinctive character with a unique design and a special feeling.

“For the gastronomic professionals, ergonomics, functionality and the right proportions are the peak criterias. And these were considered from the beginning of the design process and tested differently. One challenge, for example, was a stacking cup. It should look sexy, should not have a canteen flair and of course, be stackable” recalls the working processes designer.

The highlights of Synergy are the signature items. They are a perfect complement to the basic collection; they create fun and surprise. They are the stars which get into contact with the guests. They are also the ones that enable different levels of presentation. “My favourite item is DipDip. Perfect for surprise, whether it’s an elevated dip bowl or dip in the lid”, says Andrea Luft.

Synergy is an impressive result of one and a half years of exciting collaboration.

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