Design and installation of engineering networks marked with quality

The operation of a modern aircraft paint shop in the territory of Kaunas Airport has begun. To make it happen, altogether designers, contractors and subcontractors had put their effort.

Larinda, a company operating in Kaunas for more than twenty years, specializes in the installation of outdoor water supply and sewage networks and related equipment. In this facility Larinda has applied its skills learned during long lasting practice.

In the construction site company’s professionals worked on fire water supply and installed fire hydrants to assure that in the case of a danger the paint shop could be extinguished from the outside. Moreover, a fire water inlet from the fire tank to the building was installed to make it possible to extinguish a fire inside the large building.

Larinda also laid sewage networks – both industrial and domestic, and installed the system of rainwater collection from the territory, coatings and roof.

According to the director of the company Antanas Lauraitis, this object was not a big challenge in their practice. Despite decades of experience in various objects, he must admit that the aircraft paint shop was different than usual. To be precise, extremely strong water collection gutters were built, as they have to withstand the aircraft entering the hangar.

A few years ago the company’s employees had worked nearby, they contributed to the construction of the FL Technics hangar in Kaunas airport. Magnum office building was another big project where Larinda layed sewage networks. Last year the company contributed to the construction of the Hesburger sauce and mayonnaise factory in Kaunas district, and participated in the construction of Veršvai gymnasium as well. They have also worked on the development of multi-apartment projects, even on the reconstruction project of Raudondvaris Castle.

Larinda is a subcontractor usually employed by general contractors for the construction of engineering networks, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, various landscaping, land and drainage facilities. The company is certified to perform these works.

More than twenty years of the company’s experience allows it to perform in a high-quality and fast manner, finding technically optimal solutions and methods.

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