Finns care about the domesticity of the construction products

According to the “Better habitats” study commissioned by Saint-Gobain Finland, Finns value products made in Finland. 

A study conducted by Saint-Gobain Finland in the summer of 2022 shows that Finns value domestic production. As many as 86% of the respondents considered it important to know that more than 90% of Saint-Gobain’s product tons sold in Finland were also manufactured in Finland.

Professionals in particular appreciate the domesticity of the products. Those who often make decisions related to construction or renovation in their work consider manufacturing products in their own country even more important than others (93%).

The importance of the domesticity of construction products among construction professionals who work with consumers has systematically increased in recent years. The trend has already emerged from our previous studies measuring contractors’ valuations and it shows that the country of manufacture is important to professionals

Saint-Gobain Finland’s Marketing Director Viktor Lax 

As a company belonging to a European group operating in more than 70 countries, Saint-Gobain Finland is part of an international group of professionals, but at the same time also a significant local player in the construction industry in Finland. Saint-Gobain has been operating in the Nordic countries and the Baltics for over 50 years.

Saint-Gobain Finland Oy was founded in the spring of 2017, when five well-known construction product brands (Ecophon, Gyproc, Isover, PAM and Weber) were combined into one company. Despite its new name, Saint-Gobain’s familiar construction products have a long history in Finland.

After the world’s supply chains have been disrupted by the pandemic and war, domestic raw materials and production are a viable asset for construction supply security. Materials that are transported nearby also reduce logistics emissions.

Marketing Director Viktor Lax 

The Better habitats study conducted by Saint-Gobain Finland was conducted in June 2022 for the third time. The survey was carried out in Taloustukkumis’ internet panel and its 825 respondents represented Finns aged 20-74 nationwide. 

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