More organic materials for public buildings

The Ministry of the Environment prepared a draft of the Government’s resolution “On the use of wood and other organic construction materials from renewable natural resources in public buildings”, which creates conditions for the development of wooden construction in Lithuania. By 2024 wood and organic materials in public buildings would make up 50 percent of materials of the entire building.

Source: Ministry of Environment

From 2024 contractors, who carry out design services and works of construction or reconstruction of public buildings, must use at least 50% wood and other organic building materials from renewable natural resources. That applies to projects which are financed by the state and municipal budgets, European Union structural funds and other international financial support.

With the resolution, environmental protection criteria applied in purchases would be prepared.

Lithuania is ready for such changes in the construction industry – the country’s companies have considerable experience in the production of wooden panels and modules. 98 percent of their production is exported abroad, mainly (about 90%) to Scandinavian countries. In addition, wood processing companies, which create greater added value, are expanding in Lithuania.

Source: Ministry of Environment

One such company is “Jūrės medis”, which was been visited by the Minister of the Environment, Simonas Gentvilas. The company produces construction wooden structures. They can be used in the construction of not only residential houses, but also stadiums, sports halls, swimming pools, schools, shopping centers, and other public buildings.

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