Lithuanian Products of the Year 2022

Best Lithuanian manufacturers were awarded in 26th annual awards “Lithuanian Product of the Year”. In the competition organized by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK) 84 products were nominated in five categories.

Aušrinė Armonaitė minister economy innovation
Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister of the Economy and Innovation, thanked business representatives for their work and creativity. Photo by Gabrielius Jauniškis.

The main goal of the contest “Lithuanian Product of the Year” is to increase high-quality Lithuanian production
competitiveness, introduce and establish country’s industrial production, goods and services for local and international consumers, encouraging them to choose a quality Lithuanian product, thus developing Lithuanian business. During this year competition, food and fodder industry maintained the leading positions and applied with 50 different products in their category.

“You are the engine of our economy. And these are not empty words: this is also confirmed by the growth of our exports. Therefore, what is created in Lithuania is competitive all over the world. Politicians’ job is to to open even more markets and find partners for the business. We are a small but very creative country – we have to be

Minister of Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė

A. Armonaitė noted that Lithuania is visible due to the achievements in various sectors. “It is easy to present Lithuania for investors, because our economy is very diverse and this is our strength,” she said.

LPK president Vidmantas Janulevičius added that despite of all the geopolitical tensions, disrupted supply chains and other challenges, the business did not give up and not only survived, but also created new products and expanded its export markets.

LPK president Vidmantas Janulevičius competition Lithuanian products
Photo by Gabrielius Jauniškis.

The export of goods of Lithuanian origin does not lose its growth rate – it grew by 33.5 percent during the third quarter and 32.1 percent during this year. Such indicators and company achievements show that we have great export potential, and your work is recognized not only in Lithuania. We have something to be proud of

V. Janulevičius.

The commission of experts representing various branches of industry and business assigned 53 gold and 9 silver medals. Products awarded this year:

Food and fodder industry:

  • “Kauno pienas” branch of AB “Pieno žvaigždės” – Fresh spreadable cheese AMFORA, natural
    flavor, 25% fat, 180 g.;
  • “Panevėžio pienas” branch of AB “Pieno žvaigždės” – Glazed curd cheese “Nykštukas” “PINK”
    VELVET” with strawberries in strawberry glaze, 45 g.;
  • AB “Vilniaus paukštynas” – Boiled fried chicken sausages, the highest type. “Chicken
    raised without antibiotics’;
  • MB – Citrus fresh spices;
  • MB – Salt in a mill with lavender, raspberry and mint;
  • MB “Sveiko maisto namai” – Nastia garden Lyophilized “Cheddar” cheese flavored ice cream;
  • MB “WeZoop” – Fermented milk product RITUAMI;
  • UAB “Daivida” – EARS boiled-smoked, sliced, 200 g.;
  • UAB “Ilzenbergo ūkis” – Airanas of Ilzenberg manor;
  • UAB “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas” – Kėdainių canned Bolognese sauce with meat;
  • UAB “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas” – Kėdainių konservų Lithuanian pilaf;
  • UAB “Krekenavos agrofirma” – Slow-cooked pork ribs “PORK RIBS”;
  • UAB “Krekenavos agrofirma” – “Voilà” turkey drumsticks;
  • UAB Linkuvos meat – Homemade fried roll;
  • UAB “Malsena plus” – Spelta manai, 400 st.;
  • UAB “Malsena plus” – Whole grain chopped oats, 500 g.;
  • UAB “Mantinga” – Food on Foot Žalgiris sandwich;
  • UAB “Mažeikių mėsinė” – fried neck “Pečiuje”;
  • UAB “Mažeikių mėsinė” – Cooked “Lengvai rūkyta daktariška” sausage;
  • UAB “Naujasis Nevėžis” – Extruded complete feed EXTRATEOUT;
  • UAB “Naujasis Nevėžis” – Honey-flavored rings with marshmallows “Beach party”;
  • UAB “Rūta” – Collection of chocolate sweets “Rūta’s” chocolate masters. STORY OF THE CENTURY;
  • UAB “Vigesta” – Virtas “Liežuvinis” pressure vessel;
  • UAB “Vigesta” – Cooked smoked HUNTER’S ROLL;
  • UAB “Vigesta” – Boiled sausages for grilling on the GRILL;
  • UAB “Vikeda” – Dadu ice cream with salted caramelized peanuts and salty caramel;
  • UAB BIOVELA-UTENOS MĖSA – Hot smoked BACON KABANOSSI sticks with bacon;
  • UAB BIOVELA-UTENOS MĖSA – Dry marinated Mexican neck steaks;
  • UAB BIOVELA-UTENOS MĖSA – Cooked ROYAL turkey ham;
  • UAB EKKO LT – Organic refined rapeseed oil EKKO;
  • UAB KIKA GROUP – Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Dogs Grain Free Hypoallergenic
    Dental functional treats-supplements;
  • UAB KIKA GROUP – Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Dogs dog food with herring;
  • UAB KIKA GROUP – Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Dogs dog food with insects;

Construction and building materials industry:

  • AB “Kauno tiltai” – Reconstruction of Vilnius International Airport (5 projects);
  • AB “Panevėžio statybos trestas” – Business center “U219”;
  • UAB “Conresta” – construction of the business center “GIRTEKA PARK” / “Freedom 36”;
  • UAB “Gelgaudiškio gelžbetonis” – Foundations of high voltage supports and their elements;
  • UAB “YIT Lietuva” – Multi-apartment residential building RAITININKŲ SODAS (Raitininkų st. 4, Vilnius);
  • UAB “YIT Lietuva” – Polymer Factory “Rehau” in Klaipėda Free Economic Zone;
  • UAB “Staticus” – Product/project “VIA VIKA”, implemented in Oslo, Norway;
  • UAB HSC Baltic – Sports halls Žemynos st. 14, Vilnius, construction works;
  • UAB Merko statyba – “Continental Automotive Lithuania” factory development project;
  • VĮ Klaipėda State Seaport Directorate – Klaipėda State Seaport quay no. 1 reconstruction, Burių st. 19, Klaipėda. Phase I of construction works.

Machinery, equipment, electronics and electrical engineering industry:

  • Elinta Charge – City charge V2 charging station for electric cars;
  • UAB “Teltonika Energy” – Electric vehicle charging station “TeltoCharge”;
  • UAB “Teltonika telematics” – EYE sensor;
  • UAB “Terekas” – FlexBlow2 – Industry 4.0 equipment;
  • UAB “VMG Technics” – Robot cell;

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry:

  • UAB “Agrochema” – Liquid nitrogen fertilizer with sulfur for canola “Lyderis NS27-6”;
  • UAB “BIOK laboratory” – “Margarita” cream with collagen and vegetable oil, 50 ml.;
  • UAB “BIOK laboratory” – “Margarita” Moist&Minerals intensely moisturizing face serum with “Birutė” mineral water;
  • UAB “BIOK laboratory” – ECODENTA extremely refreshing and remineralizing toothpaste with “Vytautas” mineral water, 100 ml.;

Service category:

  • UAB “Rekviem LT” – organization of funeral ceremonies “REKVIEM”.

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