Show-Shredding provokes to think about the scrap created in shop floors

The tradeshow industry was hard hit during this pandemic. After a long year of waiting and hoping, the tradeshow world is waking up renewed and optimistic.

German manufacturer of industrial shredders WEIMA after more than a year will exibit in Woodworking Show in Las Vegas. The WEIMA team is eager to hit the road after a long hiatus, a feeling that is shared by many in the woodworking industry.

Machinery demonstrations on the trade show floor inevitably create scrap, just like the machines would in a shop. This wood waste is collected by throughout the show by Freeman Co. and delivered to the Destroy Responsibly™ tent behind the exhibit hall. All exhibitors and attendees are welcome and encouraged to venture out and watch the wood waste shredding process in action. this is how WEIMA machinery makes tradeshows greener.

The recycling initiative has become a show tradition with a purpose: to divert the wood scrap created on the show floor from the landfill. The wood scrap is sorted so that solid wood waste is shredded separately from particle board, MDF, plywood, and other types of wood with binding agents or chemical treatments. This is done with one intention: to repurpose the shredded solid wood and divert it from the landfill.

With the assistance of the non-profit organization, the solid wood chips are donated to the local university to be used as ground cover around campus. Any unused wood chips will be composted for use later in the year by the grounds team.

“The reinvention of scrap is what WEIMA is all about! Shredding this wood waste on the spot gives show-goers an opportunity to think critically and creatively about the scrap they create in their own shops and how it can be reimagined,” says Audrey Brewer, North American Marketing Manager.

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