Versatility of photonics in theory and practice

The Lithuanian National Stand at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich has been officially opened. The Lithuanian Laser Association and Enterprise Lithuania established a joint pavilion of Lithuanian laser manufacturers, which includes representatives of Lithuanian laser companies, as well as Vilnius University, the Center for Physical and Technological Sciences (FTMC) and the Lithuanian Laser Association.

This year’s exhibition is attended by both world-renowned and market-seeking companies. The upcoming days will be busy and filled with spirit of co-creation as the contacts and contracts will be made between Lithuanian companies and their future partners. 24 Lithuanian companies with their strong export focus and their roots in the Lithuanian photonics research community are ready to showcase the best of the Lithuanian laser scene.

During one of the world’s largest photonics exhibitions in Munich this week, businesses from Germany and other countries are invited to use of the opportunities for cooperation with Lithuanian laser developers.

“Last year, Germany was the second largest export market for Lithuanian lasers. In recent years, the Lithuanian laser industry has been penetrating the industrial laser market and now almost half of our revenue from this sector comes from the sale of industrial lasers. We aim to further strengthen this trend, and the Lithuanian laser industry is ready to open huge opportunities for its partners”

Jovita Neliupšienė, Deputy Minister of Economics and Innovation

The leaders of the Lithuanian laser industry are looking for new market segments in which they could establish themselves. One such segment is biophotonics, the solutions of which could be applied to the development of state-of-the-art medical devices in various fields of healthcare.

Once Laser world of Photonics played a crucial role in some of leading Lithuanian laser companies.

“LASER World of PHOTONICS plays an important role in the history of the EKSMA group. It was the late 1980s when EKSMA – a company from behind the Iron curtain – was able to come and participate at LWoP for the first time. Fast-forward to these days, when EKSMA Optics is an experienced exhibitor and we often feel like living the cycle from Laser Munich to Laser Munich in our marketing and even product development activities.”

It is important that the Lithuanian laser industry is interconnected by very close cooperation – companies develop and manufacture both the necessary components and laser systems that cost millions of euros. This provides an additional competitive advantage over other countries. The volume of exports of lasers of Lithuanian origin in 2019-2021 grew by more than 30 percent (from 50.1 million eur up to 66.3 million eur). Almost 80 percent of Lithuanian laser and component products are exported to all continents and reach about 80 countries.

Today, 95 of the world’s 100 best universities use laser technologies developed and manufactured in Lithuania. Lithuanian lasers are also used by NASA, CERN and other world-class institutions.


It is the world’s leading trade fair which combines knowledge transfer and practical application. 3-day trade program includes guided tours and experts discussions about the trends in photonics. Innovation Award will honor the top innovations.

The role that photonics plays today as a key technology in many new products is highlighted in both the exhibition area and the extensive supporting program. There is a special focus on quantum technology: With the World of QUANTUM, the fair introduces a separate platform dedicated to possibly the most exciting future field of photonics today and featuring presentations and plenty of space to network.

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